In/divisible was structured as a series of vignettes, interspersed withaudience dialogue. Most of the vignettes were thematically related to one another, but they did not tell a continuous story.   However, these characters were an exception: they appeared several times, and offered a glimpse into the disconnect between soldiers and civilians in the US.   
 In this movement-based vignette, six actors quoted conflicting perspectives on the piece of legislation that the audience was debating.  These perspectives came from well-known public figures, in addition to little-known citizens engaged in documented debates over social media.
 In this vignette, a variety of soldiers from different eras apply for jobs following the completion of their military service. Audiences see the variety of responses that they receive at different moments in US history.
 In this vignette, which took place on a large map of the world, actors used boots to signify the places in the world where most US troops are currently stationed. Manipulating the boots as they narrated, actors provided a glimpse into the lives and working conditions in the various places.   
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